Vegan and Gluten free range


Into for Vegan

Our Luxury Vegan & Gluten free-range

This luxury range of our Eggfree loaf cakes were developed with the vegan consumer in mind. All ingredients used have been carefully researched and sourced. 

These tea time favourites can now be enjoyed by everyone and will be available in-store for you to take home immediately.

vegan and gluten free



Meet the gluten-free range

Luxury Lemon Loaf Cake

Our naked, luxury loaf cake is a moist, indulgent treat. Enjoy its subtle tangy flavour with your favourite cuppa to complete your tea time experience!


Famous Farmhouse Fruit Loaf Cake

This moist fruity cake will take you back to basics and evoke feelings of warmth and comfort of a rustic country kitchen and all the goodness of the Earth. Bite into the mixture of sultanas and cherries and enjoy the flavours, with a beverage of your choice!


Chunky Chocolate Loaf Cake

This decadent chocolate sponge cake has all the chocolate you will ever need. The succulent chunky dark chocolate pieces are guaranteed to leave a memorable experience. Go on, indulge - you know you want to!


Charming Cherry & Almond Loaf Cake

This cake is packed with juicy, red cherries combined with the sumptuous flavour of flaked almonds. It is seriously tempting to look at and bite into. Grace any table with slices of this cake either as an after-dinner dessert or tea time snack and charm the socks off your guests!

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