COVID19 Saftey Measures

COVID-19 Update title

COVID-19 Update


Following the global COVID-19 virus epidemic, our team at Eggfree Cake Box would like to share with you the exceptional measures we have implemented to ensure the continued safety of both our colleagues and the public.

Mini statement from the CEO/COO

Our Food Safety Management System ensures that we pay careful attention to personal and environmental hygiene, especially where our cakes are baked and prepared.    We believe that food should always be safe for consumption.   With COVID-19, we have increased operational levels to include social distancing, (as far as is reasonably practicable) provided a range of PPE, and stepped up surveillance of both hand and personal hygiene measures to ensure that there are no margins for error or cross contamination.  All staff have been trained by various internal media of our new strategies, and we will continue to put safety at the forefront of our business.    Our people will continue to work safely and carefully whilst they bake and create celebration cakes to be consumed safely by our customers.


By introducing these additional safety measures we hope that our customers will have the confidence to continue purchasing their celebration cakes to enjoy in the safety of their own homes.