Check out our incredible range of eggless cupcakes, from birthday cupcakes to anniversary cupcakes, get well soon cupcakes and everything in between. We have a wide range of egg free cupcakes for you to choose from, all hand decorated with frosting.

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  1. Oreo Cupcakes
    Oreo Cupcakes C3
    Box of 12 for £18.00
  2. Kinder Bueno Cupcakes
    Kinder Bueno Cupcakes C6
    Box of 12 for £18.00
  3. Hazelnut Cupcakes
    Hazelnut Cupcakes C9
    Box of 12 for £18.00
  4. Raffaello Cupcakes
    Raffaello Cupcakes C12
    Box of 12 for £18.00
  5. Chocolate Cupcakes
    Chocolate Cupcakes C15
    Box of 12 for £18.00
  6. Assorted Choc Cupcakes
    Assorted Choc Cupcakes C19
    Box of 12 for £18.00
  7. Baby Shower Cupcakes 1
    Baby Shower Cupcakes 1 BS8
    Box of 6 from £11.00
  8. Baby Shower Cupakes 2
    Baby Shower Cupakes 2 BS9
    Box of 6 from £11.00
  9. Baby Shower Cupcakes 3
    Baby Shower Cupcakes 3 BS10
    Box of 6 from £11.00
  10. Safari Cupcakes
    Safari Cupcakes C40
    Box of 12 for £18.00
  11. Assorted Diwali Cupcakes
    Assorted Diwali Cupcakes DW10
    Box of 6 from £11.00
  12. Graduation Cupcakes 1
    Graduation Cupcakes 1 GC14
    Box of 6 from £11.00
  13. Graduation Cupcakes 2
    Graduation Cupcakes 2 GC15
    Box of 6 from £11.00
  14. Assorted Halloween Cupcakes
    Assorted Halloween Cupcakes HW3
    Box of 6 from £13.00
  15. Jubilee Jack
    Jubilee Jack QJ5
    Box of 6 from £12.00
  16. Purple Passion
    Purple Passion QJ6
    Box of 6 from £12.00
  17. Classic Red Velvet Cupcakes
    Classic Red Velvet Cupcakes RV6
    Box of 12 for £22.00
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Eggfree Cake Box cupcakes are a great idea for a hen party gift or a birthday gift as they come in a lovely gift box. Our cupcakes are decorated with our signature cupcake frosting, these cupcakes aren’t just mouth wateringly delicious, they’re incredibly beautiful to look at too.

When you choose to purchase eggless cupcakes from Eggfree Cake Box, picking up your freshly made cupcakes has never been so easy. With 140+ stores nationwide to choose from. Simply click your order online and pop into your local branch to collect. Looking for last minute egg free cupcakes? Then choose from our wide selection of in store cupcakes, readily available, all hand made from high quality ingredients, filled with fresh cream and topped with tasty cupcake frosting.

Our bestselling eggless cupcakes are the ultimate indulgence, the perfect sweet treat for any occasion. Go on, treat yourself, treat someone else, order today for your special occasion and enjoy gorgeous, handmade, stylishly designed egg free cupcakes wherever you are. The proof is in the tasting, and these taste as good as they look.