Cake Slicer



Cake Slicer Intro

Every Slice, Equal & Precise

Ever needed an equal amount of slices from a cake? Here at Eggfree Cake Box, we're giving you a solution to cut an equal and even slice... with our fun, innovative cake slicer, designed with your celebration in mind.

With this unique tool, you will be able to cut 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18 equal slices from any round cake. This cake slicer is free with any celebration cake. See below for our instruction sheet of how our slicer can be used and follow our step by step YouTube video below and leave us a comment.



Cake Slicer User Instructions

The Cake Slicer is supplied in a clear cellophane packet with a header card. Remove the Cake Slicer from the packaging.

Slot the tab into the selected slot for your chosen amount of cake slice that you require to cut.

Position the top point of the Cake Slicer into the centre of the cake.

Hold the Cake Slicer firmly on both sides and press down slowly into the cake.

Gentlly press the sides of the Cake Slicer into the cake and gently lift the slice out.

Place the slice onto the plate and gently open the Cake Slicer side flaps out to release the cake slice. Enjoy!

View Tutorial here